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Company Profile

Sunway, which established in 1995, regards the quality/environment policy of “customer oriented; high quality and environmental protection; energy-efficient, law obedience; pursuit of excellence” as the enterprise’s core values. With the management of innovative technology, Sunway owns more than 10 subsidiaries at home and abroad through almost 20 years’ hard working, which located in America, Hongkong, Zhuhai, ect and also set its headquarter in Zhuhai where has 3 manufacturing factories with nearly 3,000 dedicated staff s. 
Sunway provides one station service for customers and strives for the worldwide well-known manufacturing brand, satisfies marketing demand by global perspective and builds long-term strategic cooperation relationship with customers of international brand by the advantages of quality and service. Also Sunway intensifies sustained value creation to create the maximum value for our customers. Sunway’s high quality products and service are distributed to America, Japan, Southeast Asia, ect, involving the consuming electronics product series, sanitary & kitchen series, communication & office series, automobile and so on. Also its turnover increases by 15% per year with a steady speed. 
Sunway insists on the talent concept of people orientation and creating distinctive corporation culture to help employees to realize their dreams. Sunway’s open platform attracts batches of overseas professional elites, and cultivates amounts of native technical elites and management talents, which create competitive advantages for Sunway Group’ development. 
Sunway regards customer orientation; optimal service; making perfection more perfect; people orientation as the enterprise’s values. We focus on quality and technology to provide the best products and services to realize mutual benefits and brilliant achievement. 
Sunway Group— Your best cooperation partner!