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President’s Address

With the continuous endeavor and innovation in recent 20 years, Sunway has developed from a small Injection Factory to a famous diversified group company. Those achievements will be hardly obtained without our partners’ support. Really thanks for your attention and support! 
Sunway has developed in a high-speed in 2014. We have already owned more than 10 Business Units, which cover several marketing fields and some of products are in a leading position in the global market by utilizing specific group strategic to decide corporation’s investment portfolio. Intensifying continuous value creation and doing resource integration to realize maximum values’ creation is Sunway’s core business strategy. 
We concentrate on upgrading the ability of manufacturing, strengthening corporation’s business development, orientating asset and market, including deep market assessment, innovative technology, self-brand building, globalized talents team and business footprint, which creates extraordinary advantages for Sunway. 
At the same time, Sunway values staff’s industrious and dedicated attitude and emphasizes that where your effort is, where your gain is. Our progress depends on staff’s hard working and the dedicated staff, which is the key to sustain our competitive performance. Sunway is like a family with diversified and tolerant corporation and treats every staff as our family member with whom we are growing together. 
We devote ourselves to building a Sunway style enterprise culture, to promoting the development of the whole organization, to respecting stakeholders, and to walking in the forefront of the world. Looking forward to the future and facing to the global world, we are dedicated to transforming the chain of customer value and to building a high-qualified one station service manufacturing solution and to serving market in a faster and more efficient way. 
We really appreciate those who stand by and accompany with Sunway nearly 20 years. In the following years, Sunway will go further and higher as a good pioneer!