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Corporate Culture

Vision: To become a renowned and influential enterprise around the world with its one-stop service.
Mission: Never stop improving and creating the maximum value for our partners and being a responsible navigator in this field.
Values: Practicability, dream, innovation, team, struggle, lean

ake perfection more perfect and pursuit of excellence
Sunway regards supplying high-qualified and optimal products and services for customers as our motive power to development. We insist on customer orientation and satisfying customer’s demand at the first time and providing one station service solutions, and continuously creating maximum values for our partners.

he employees in Sunway are all hard-working with proactive, pioneering, open and innovative spirit. We respect and gratitude to those dedicated staffs and we believe only by hardworking can win customer’s respect and trust.

Offer platform to help realize your dreams
Sunway is a good platform, which encourages staffs to realize their value. It offers a comfortable and reassuring working environment, and helps staffs to grow up by studying. Only excellent platform can lay a foundation to success. We devote ourselves to developing a trustworthy navigator and a worldwide famous manufacturing brand.

Perfect team
A single person can’t be perfect. The development of enterprise can’t live without team’s cooperation. The cooperation of cross-culture and trans-department need whole team’s joint effort to realize maximum potential. We apply ourselves to building a perfect team and cultivating amounts of technological elites and management talents to provide excellent service for customers.