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Talent Concept

Do what you can do and do the best; 
Make progress together and share success together.
People-orientation and we are a harmonious family.

Human resource is the corner stone of development and competition in Sunway. We have good enough platform for various talents, so that they are able to do what they can do and do the best. To realize the dream of all make great progress and then make it together, we try our best to improve our Human Resource Management and Comprehensive Quality of Talents in different efficient ways.

Zhuhai human resources network
51job network
Recruiting QQ of Sunway
Hot line of recruiting
Email Address of Sanzao
Email Address of Nanshui
Email Address of Qianshan
On-site recruiting: General employees can come to our company with your 
own ID for an interview from Monday to Friday, at13:00.

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