3-D Vellum Poinsettia

Materials needed:
• 3-D Poinsettia Stamp (351F)
• Medium Weight Vellum
• Clear Crystal Lacquer
• Embossing Inkpad
• Embossing Powder
• Red Marker
• Glass Beads
• Metal Stylus
• Scissors
• Heat Tool
• Waxed Paper
1. Using embossing inkpad, stamp 3-D Poinsettia on vellum. Sprinkle with embossing powder. Heat to emboss. Make two of these for every one finished poinsettia desired.
2. Color the back of the poinsettias with a marker.
3. Carefully cut the vellum poinsettias out with scissors. Cut outside the embossed lines.
4. Each finished poinsettia requires two embossed 3-D poinsettia pieces. Curl poinsettia petals around a metal stylus one at a time so that petals are curved downward.
5. Use a small amount of Crystal Lacquer in the center of the poinsettia to adhere the top poinsettia layer to the bottom poinsettia layer. Position the top layer of the poinsettia so that it’s petals are between the petals on the bottom layer of the poinsettia, making all petals visible.
6. Set poinsettia on waxed paper. Coat all visible surfaces of the poinsettia with Crystal Lacquer. Let dry.
7. Put a small amount of Crystal Lacquer in the center of the poinsettia. Sprinkle small, glass beads on the Crystal Lacquer in the center of the poinsettia. Let dry.
8. Carefully peel completed poinsettia from waxed paper. Use a small amount of Crystal Lacquer to adhere poinsettia to cardstock.

Helpful hints:
• Stamp and emboss an extra 3-D poinsettia. Color it green. Cut it apart and use for leaves with poinsettia.
• Colored vellum can be used in place of Step 2.
• Embossing powder that contains glitter works best.
• A small knitting needle can be used if you don’t have a stylus.
• 3-D poinsettias can also be used to embellish glass, wood, ribbon, etc. Use hot glue when adhering to these surfaces.
• Watercolor paper can be used instead of vellum. If using watercolor paper, color the front of the poinsettia in Step 2.