Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipping Costs
  • Ship Times
  • International Shipping
  • Angel Policy and What Can I Do With My Stamps?
  • Payment by check
  • Forms of Payment
  • What is a Basic Stamping Kit?

    Q: Shipping Costs
    What does it cost to ship my order?

    A: Shipping is based on the dollar amount of your order:

    $.01 to $20.00 would be $3.95
    $20.01 to $30.00 would be $6.25
    $30.01 to $50.00 would be $7.25
    $50.01 to $149.99 would be $8.25

    $150.00 and over would be free

    These shipping costs include the cost of shipping materials (tape, envelopes, labels, etc.) as well as the postage to actually mail the package.

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    Q: Ship Times
    What is your shipping time?

    A: I try to ship orders within 1 - 3 business days of receipt of payment by Paypal. Checks take a little longer and the merchandise isn't shipped until the check clears the bank. I will contact you via email if your order will not ship within the 1 - 3 days. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at You can check your order shipment status under My Account.
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    Q: International Shipping
    Do you ship internationally?

    A: Due to the current and increased costs of shipping internationally, we do NOT ship internationally at this time.
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    Q: Angel Policy and What Can I Do With My Stamps?
    Is My Paper Moon and Angel Company?

    A: My Paper Moon is an angel company, which means you can use My Paper Moon stamps, Stampsations! stamps, or the Moe Wubba Classic Images on handstamped art for sale by artist only. No copies or reproductions are to be made of images or of artwork using images without written permission.

    My Paper Moonİ rubber stamps, which include Stampsations! Stampsİ and the Moe Wubba Classic Collectionİ, are sold unmounted for the convenience of our customers. My Paper Moon rubber stamps are sold for the sole purpose of personal, non-commercial use. My Paper Moon expressly forbids the mounting of our rubber stamps for re-sale. We aggressively pursue any violation of our rights.

    Rubber stamps are an end-product whose limited intended personal use is "rubber stamping" by hand. Rubber stamps are NOT a free source of art for commercial projects of any size whether for profit or not. You are purchasing the physical rubber stamp NOT the rights to the design on said stamp.

    Items and designs shown cannot be duplicated without specific written consent from My Paper Moon and/or its licensors. No reproduction by digital, electronic or mechanical means is allowed including, but not limited to, use on the internet, scanning, video or digital reproduction, copy machines or printing, without written consent. This policy will be strictly enforced. My Paper Moon cannot be responsible for any misuse of the designs contained within this website.

    You may not sell the designs themselves or reproduce them in any form or manner without written consent from My Paper Moon. You may not use a design as a logo or company trademark without expressed written permission.

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    Q: Payment by check
    How long does it take to ship my order when I pay by check?

    A: I will hold the merchandise until your check clears the bank (usually a week).
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    Q: Forms of Payment
    What forms of payment do you accept?

    A: At this time I take credit cards through Paypal, checks, money orders and carefully concealed cash (not recommended).
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    Q: What is a Basic Stamping Kit?
    What is a Basic Stamping Kit?

    A: When taking classes, you should always take your basic stamp kit. At the very least it should include:

    Xacto knife and cutting mat
    Pencil and eraser
    Paper Trimmer
    Black fine point marker/pen
    Black dye ink
    Bone folder
    Embossing Powder (black, white, clear or gold)
    Pigment ink pad
    Heat Tool
    Small notebook

    Some additional things you might want to include:
    Colored pencils/sharpener
    Double stick tape
    Glue stick
    Gold Krylon Leafing pen
    Water Brush
    Blender Pen
    Favorite markers
    Corner punch